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                        • Pin connector
                        • Female connector
                        • Patch needle
                        • Patch mother
                        • On board connector
                        • Industrial connector
                        • Taurus
                        • Horns
                        • IDC socket
                        • BTB
                        Why you choose Yixinying Technology
                        SERVICE ADVANTAGE
                        Excellent R&D team capabilities and tailored services.
                        With strong technical force, senior professional technical team, professional sales service team, long-term commitment to the development of connector connectors, and strive to provide customers with better and more convenient services.
                        Highly efficient manufacturing capabilities to enhance customer market competitiveness
                        The factory has a modern production workshop and uses a refined management model for production. It has advanced high-precision punching machines, injection molding machines and fully automatic assembly equipment to ensure the quality of the products while ensuring the delivery speed.
                        High-quality quality management team, complete system certification.
                        Based on the preferential price, excellent quality, excellent reputation and first-class service business philosophy, we have established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many customers at home and abroad.
                        Good after-sales service system, so that customers have no worries.
                        7*24-hour service system, providing after-sales service to customers in the first time to ensure the interests of customers. All local branches and agents provide timely delivery of samples to the door.
                        About us
                        CONNECTOR & CARD
                        CONNECTOR & CARD
                        CONNECTOR & CARD
                        CONNECTOR & CARD
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                        People-oriented, customer-oriented, quality for survival, innovation for development
                        About us
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                        Add:5th Floor, Building 2, Yibaolai Industrial City, Qiaotou, Fuhai Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen


                        Contact:13631637746 Mr.Li

                        Tel:0755-23722612 Fax:0755-29378827


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